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Staged Extraction Approach: Transition From Hopeless Dentition to Full-Arch Fixed-Implant-Supported Rehabilitation

Soft Tissue Management Options in The Complex Restorative Case


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Aug 01 2020 @ 1:00PM EDT - Rebroadcasting Aug 05 @ 8:00PM EDT

Transition from a hopeless dentition to a fixed implant-supported full-arch reconstruction can be difficult for patients, if wearing a transitional removable denture is involved. In addition, an increased risk of trauma to bone-augmented areas and to the implant-bone More...

Sept 09 2020 @ 8:00PM EDT

Proportion and symmetry of teeth is determined by the incisal edge position and the soft tissue levels. When there is a discrepancy in one or the other, it can become distracting esthetically and lead to an esthetic failure. The soft tissue position and form is therefore a large component of the More...