MEET Dr. John Reyher


"I was my mother's first child, who was an RN. Growing up in a household where medicine was a normal topic of conversation, I distinctly remember pronouncing the word, "Sulfathiozole," as a toddler. As my first big word, it stuck in my mind until the day I heard it again in my pharmacology class in dental school.

I have always had a keen interest in science, and to this day, I consider it to be my favorite reading material. I enjoy having the opportunity to gain a better layman's understanding of some of the hot concepts being explored in astrophysics and molecular biologyat present, such as black hole dynamics, gravitational wave lensing of early universe along with an understanding of genomics at the molecular level of DNA protein formation of malignant tumors for research in oncology.

My interest in science led me to the University of Illinois College of Dentistry, from where I graduated in 1963. I have fond memories of Dr. Sol Flores, a long-time APS member and clinical instructor in complete denture prosthodontics at the College. After graduating, I took a rotating dental internship in Kansas City at the Kansas City VA Medical Center (KCVAMC) and the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) College of Dentistry. With Phil Jones as director of the internship, I gained experience with clinical prosthodontics and oral surgery. I finished the internship in 1964 and proceeded to go into private practice for 10 years before returning for speciality training in prosthodontics and returned to the Kansas City VA Hospital and UMKC, as I had remembered well Dr. Phil Jones' visionary concepts and philosophies that included the need for dental implantology. I have stayed in hospital dentistry all of these years and have enjoyed the interesting arena of clinical practice and clinical research.

I am now retired from the VA. My wife Gin, who is an RN, and I have two sons who are both practicing physicians. One is in Lutz, Florida, with his wife and six children. The other one is in Reno, Nevada, with his wife and one child. It is most fun to visit all of them and follow the grandkids' progress and tribulations as they grow. We all enjoy hiking in the parks and countryside and visiting new places together.

I cherish my time with the APS. I attended my first APS meeting in Washington, DC, in the fall of 1974. I have since attended every annual meeting, including a couple of semiannual meetings, one in Newport Beach and one in San Antonio, if memory serves. I look forward to attending more in the future and continuing my involvement with the Society."

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