MEET Dr. Jonathan Esquivel


Dr. Jonathan Esquivel has been an APS member since 2016

1. What about prosthodontic dentistry originally drew you in and what excites you about the field today?
"Curiosity was the trigger for me to pursue specializing in prosthodontics, I grew up closely related to orthodontics because of my father, but I realized early that I wanted something different. As I first started in this field I fell in love with the world of implants and esthetics, I have tried to grow in this area and learn more about it each day. I also fell in love with academics very early and it has been one of my passions ever since. Today the advances in digital technology excite me, seeing how traditional techniques are being enhanced with digital tools to make our work more effective and efficient. I believe it is a great time to be in prosthodontics."

2. Why did you become a member of the APS?
"I first learned of the APS as a resident, I found out its importance and history, as years passed I was always looking into a group that made colleagues of the specialty, residents and others feel welcome, I found this in the APS. 2017 I was given the opportunity to present in the main podium of the APS annual session which was surely a highlight for me, as it would be for any professional in our field, this event was defining in me wanting to become more involved in the society."

3. Who has been your greatest mentor thus far in your career?
"It is hard to say I have had one mentor in my career, as many people have influenced me in many ways. Of course I have to mention first and foremost that I would probably not even be a dentist if it wasn?t for my father. My Program director J Lee Hochstedler is someone who I have immense gratitude as he was my guide and mentor in much more than just prosthodontics. Arturo Mendez who guided me to get highly involved in academics and always gave me the opportunity to grow. I can start a list, that would probably not end of people that have influenced me or mentored me in my professional life."

4. What advice would you give to a new dental professional?
"I will tell him the words my program director told me the day I graduated ?the secret to prosthodontics is paying attention to details? and ?It is better to be educated than trained?. I would also tell them it?s a long road, full of ups and downs but that it is a fun ride for sure! To work hard and always have one thing in mind, our patients."

5. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
"I like to spend time home relaxing, spend time with my girlfriend, friends and family when I get a chance, I also like watching movies, nothing better than a good movie and a good snack, I like to travel, and I really enjoy trying new foods especially here in New Orleans, there is always something new and good to try!"

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