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Save the date for the 90th Annual Meeting of the American Prosthodontic Society

Save the date for the 90th Annual Scientific Meeting
February 22-23, 2018
Swiss˘tel Chicago

The 90th Annual Meeting will feature the following world-renowned invited speakers.

  • Stephen Balshi, MBE
  • Thomas Balshi, PhD
  • John Beumer, DDS, MS
  • Lawrence Brecht, DDS
  • Christian Coachman, DMD, CDT
  • Joseph Kan, DDS, MS
  • Sreenivas Koka, DDS, PhD, MBA
  • William Martin, DMD, MS
  • Edward Mclaren, DDS
  • Ricardo Mitrani, DDS, MSD
  • Peter Moy, DDS
  • Kirk Pasquinelli, DDS
  • Carlo Poggio, DDS, PhD
  • Ariel Raigrodski, DMD, MS
  • Peter W÷hrle, DMD
  • Nicola Zitzmann, DDS, PhD

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