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Golden Medallion Award

The American Prosthodontic Society (APS) has selected Dr. Lee M. Jameson as its 2017 Golden Medallion Awardee. The Golden Medallion Award is issued periodically to individuals whose contributions to prosthodontics have been exceptional. The award is funded by the American Prosthodontic Foundation and Nobel Biocare. Jameson will be acknowledged at the 89th Annual Meeting of the American Prosthodontic Society in Chicago on February 23, 2017.

Dr. Lee Jameson
Dr. Lee M. Jameson

Dr. Lee M. Jameson received his BS from Bradley University and Certificate in Advanced Prosthodontics, MS, and DDS from Loyola University Dental School. He was part of the Loyola University School of Dentistry faculty as well as Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Northwestern University Dental School, where he served as the Director of Prosthodontics, Chair of Restorative Dentistry, and Dean. Dr. Jameson is also former President of the American College of Prosthodontists, the American Prosthodontic Society, Xi Psi Phi International Dental Fraternity, and the Odontographic Society of Chicago, as well as Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics. Additionally, he was adjunct attending staff at Hines Veterans Hospital, Lakeside Veterans Hospital and Northwestern Memorial Hospital Dental Department in Chicago. Dr. Jameson is now a Clinical Professor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry at UIC College of Dentistry and is currently investigating the practices and theories of learning styles, and how best to integrate those in the pedagogy of dental education, decision matrices for maximizing treatment outcomes, and instrumentation for retrieving failed implant prosthesis.

Previous Awards include: The Distinguished Service Award from the Chicago Dental Society; Presidential Citation for Outstanding Contributions to the Mission of the American Dental Education Association and to the Profession of Dentistry; William P. Schoen, Jr. DDS, MS Memorial Teaching Award from the Odontographic Society of Chicago; and Honor for Dedication, Commitment and Leadership to Northwestern University Dental School from the Classes of 2000 and 2001.

Previous Golden Medallion Award Winners

Dr. Harold Preiskel - 2016
Dr. Gerald Graser - 2015
Dr. Gary Goldstein - 2014
Dr. Yasumas Akagawa - 2013
Dr. Tomas Albrektsson - 2012
Dr. Thomas Taylor - 2011
Dr. Charles Goodacre – 2010
Dr. John W. McLean – 2009
Dr. George Zarb – 2008
Dr. Howard A. Landesman – 2007
Dr. Peter E. Dawson – 2006

Kenneth D. Rudd Award

The American Prosthodontic Society (APS) has selected Mr. Dene LeBeau as its 2017 Kenneth D. Rudd Awardee. The award was developed to promote and encourage dental laboratory technicians and support the advancement of dental technology education. The APS, in conjunction with the editorial council of The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, presents this award to a certified dental technician who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of prosthodontics and dental laboratory communities. LeBeau will be guest speaking and acknowledged at the 89th Annual Meeting of the American Prosthodontic Society in Chicago on February 23, 2017.

Dene LeBeau
Mr. Dene LeBeau

After training as a dental laboratory technician, Dene LeBeau studied business at Green River community college and Bellevue College between 1971 and 1972, having founded LeBeau Dental Laboratory the following year. He is a member and recognized specialist at the John Kois Center in Seattle, Washington, and Advisory Board member for Inside Dental Technology (IDT) as well as Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington. Dene has published articles in The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, LMT Magazine, and Inside Dental Technology among others. LeBeau Dental Laboratory casework has also been featured in prominent American and European publications. Currently, Dene maintains full time management of LeBeau Dental Laboratory in Renton, Washington, and is the inventor and CEO of Implant Bite Post (IBP). Dene is also the owner/manager of JKAD (John Kois Abutment Design) and is the author of “The Dental Street Blog.”

Generous funding of this award is provided by the Editorial Council of The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

Previous Kenneth D. Rudd Award Winners:

Mr. Walter Gebhard - 2016
Mr. Enrico Steger - 2015
Mr. Robert Kreyer, CDT - 2014
Ms. Elizabeth Curran, CDT, RDT - 2013
Mr. Arnold Wohlwend, CDT - 2012
Mr. Vincent V. Alleluia, MDT, CDT, TF - 2011
Mr. Matt Roberts, CDT – 2010
Mr. Willi Geller – 2009
Mr. Roosevelt Davis, MCDT, MS – 2008
Mr. Lee Culp, CDT – 2007
Mr. Robert Berger, CDT – 2006
Mr. Masahiro Kuwata – 2005

Graduate Prosthodontic Research Awards

2017 APS Graduate Prosthodontic Research
  1. Dr. Bryan McLaughlin
    "Comparison of Fit of Dentures Fabricated by Traditional Techniques Versus CAD/CAM Technology"
  2. Dr. Sergio Florencio, Jr., DDS
    "Systemic Evaluation of Fluorescence in CAD/CAM Ceramic Materials"
  3. Dr. Sherif Hosney
    "Radiopacity of Resin Cements Using Digital Radiography"
2016 APS Graduate Prosthodontic Research
  1. Brian Goodacre, DDS
    "Comparison of complete denture base adaptation between CAD/CAM and conventional fabrication techniques"
  2. Craig Sikora, DMD
    "Wear and corrosion at he titanium-zirconia implant abutment interface"
  3. Karnik Shah, BDS
    "De-cementation of monolithic zirconia single implant restoration using ER-YSGG laser"

2015 APS Graduate Prosthodontic Research
  1. Lauren Manning, DDS
    "Experimental evaluation of discoidin domain receptor 2 as an ideal target for development of disease-modifying osteoarthritic drugs"
  2. Natalie Baker, DMD
    "Characterization and biocompatibility of transparent nanotubules on hybrid Ti/ZrO2"
  3. Leandro Carneiro, DDS
    "Novel semi-destructive biomechanical osseointegration test"

Excellence in Prosthodontics Award

We have introduced an Excellence in Prosthodontics Award in conjunction with the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry. This Award is open to all members in the APS and is powered by Zerodonto (Free Blog of Dentistry: The contestant may send 2-20 images (JPEG, PNG) and a brief description of the clinical case in English to The Evaluation Committee headed by Christian Coachman will select the best three cases on the basis of the following parameters: initial scenario, final result, grading of difficulty, operative sequence, and documentation. The three selected cases will be highlighted on the web for a week and the winner will be chosen by an online vote. The winner will be awarded an invite to Bologna, Italy in November, and Chicago in February for a 10-minute presentation, along with a $500 prize and two complimentary nights of lodging.