Mission of American Prosthodontic Foundation

At the core of the American Prosthodontic Society is the connectivity, collegiality and peer respect among its restorative dentist, prosthodontist and laboratory technologist members.

We are transforming the culture of professional teamwork in Prosthodontics making the future very promising for those who study, research, and practice in the field of prosthodontics.

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Our patients are counting on all of us.

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Our Commitment:

The American Prosthodontic Foundation will:

Four Key Areas of Benefit to our Campaign:

  1. Establish Scholarships and Grants: Allowing for greater participation by dental and graduate students in the study and research of Prosthodontics.

  2. Advocacy and Education: Provide expanded membership recruitment and promotion of the APS to students, undergrads, and dentists to increase awareness of our core principal - to be a professional society of peers, not affiliates or associates, but full membership for all and for education in the history, techniques, and new procedures through our Annual Meeting and the development of cutting edge Online Course Content.

  3. Increased Student Support: Increase resources to the area of graduate student outreach, recognition, poster program enhancements, and a greater online educational presence.

  4. Promoting Our International Partnerships: Increase the collaborative experience of professional colleagues across the world though expansion of our Interactive Study Group, increased communication throughout the year - and become more than an "An Annual Meeting Only" International Professional Society.

The long-range goal is to develop a reliable income stream through an investment fund that generates funds to sustain the mission of the APS with a corpus of $500,000 in the next three years.

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