There is no better place than the American Prosthodontic Society to bring together the generalist, specialist, graduate student, and dental technologist interested in prosthodontics.

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Compared to our 2018 Active Practicing Dentist membership dues of $442, APS members receive nearly $800 in value and savings plus a variety of member only benefits and services:

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The APS is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider of continuing education credit. Additionally, continuing education credits for attendance is approved for CDT?s by the NADL National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology. Since 2005, we are very proud to have become the first North American prosthodontic organization to be approved to provide continuing education credits to dentists practicing in the United Kingdom.

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"I am motivated to share my personal experience with the APS, as it is the first dental society to support a path of participation and leadership for all its members. The APS views the clinician and technician as equal peers and recognizes the entire contribution required for patient treatment. In the APS, the term ?Team Approach? actually means something.

Reflecting on 22 years of membership, the APS has given me the opportunity to be myself and become an integral part of the society. Amazing meetings, professional networking and personal friendships that have endured. As a dental technician and president-elect, I invite you to join us in this prestigious and forward-thinking organization that dates back to 1928. "

- Todd Fridrich, CDT, FNBC